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All-Trace Trace Element Bolus for Cattle


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Trace Element Bolus for Cattle



  • Aids in the prevention of trace element deficiencies in cattle
  • Delivers a continuous supply of vitamins and trace elements for 240 days
  • No more guess work in mixing rations for free feeding
  • All animals receive their daily requirements


Organic, beef and dairy producers now have access to an approved “All In One” nutritional supplement to assist in addressing the nutritional demands of their cattle.




All-Trace Boluses for Cattle contain trace element and vitamin materials, coated with an inert polymer resin  except for one open end. The boluses settle in the reticulum and gradually dissolve from the uncoated end, partly by dissolution and partly by abrasion of one bolus against the other. The boluses dissolve completely over eight months and leave no residue. All-Trace has an active life of 240 days.





  • All cattle over 150kg require two, undamaged All-Trace boluses
  • These should be administered orally via an approved bolus applicator
  • The dose may be repeated every eight months if required


Administration Technique

  • It is desirable when administering the All-Trace bolus that the head and neck of the animal are extended in a straight line. Once the bolus has been introduced onto the back of the tongue by means of the gun, its further progress will depend on the reflex swallowing of the animal. Any restraint which interferes with this action is likely to reduce the chances of proper administration.
  • Restraint in cattle is best provided by means of the cattle crush. Avoid use of too severe a restraint, such as gripping the tongue or raising the nose too high by means of bulldogs etc., as this may interfere with swallowing. Before releasing the animal, watch for a few moments to ensure that the bolus has been swallowed.
  • The length and/or curvature of the gun are designed to facilitate the placing of the All-Trace bolus on the back of the tongue and under no circumstances must the head of the gun be allowed to pass this point. It is essential that the gun is maintained in an upright plane in the mid line of the mouth throughout the operation.
  • Regurgitation of boluses can occur at any stage following administration, but experience has shown that the incidence is usually of a low order and is more likely to be encountered towards the end of the active life of the bolus.


Withholding Periods

Meat: Nil
Milk: Nil


DO NOT administer All-Trace boluses to cattle of less than 150 kg or under 5 months of age, as smaller animals may experience some difficulty in swallowing the bolus.  When administering to young animals, extra care should be taken to ensure that no damage is done to the animal's mouth and throat.

DISCLAIMER: This is not the ALL-TRACE - TRACE ELEMENT BOLUS FOR CATTLE label.  Always follow label instructions.

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