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DuraProd Batteries and Recharge Units


DuraProd Alkaline Battery Pack


Alkaline Battery Pack fits the DuraProd Electric Livestock Prod (sold separately). Four C-cell batteries included. Great as a backup or replacement.

  • For use with the DuraProd livestock prod (sold separately)
  • Snaps onto DuraProd handle unit
  • Four Hot-Shot C-cell batteries included
  • Use as backup or replacement


DuraProd Recharge Battery Pack


Rechargeable battery pack for DuraProd rechargeable electric livestock prod (sold separately). One rechargeable battery packs the life of hundreds of alkaline batteries. Great as a backup, replacement or upgrade to battery operated unit.

  • Fits DuraProd rechargeable or battery operated electric livestock prod (sold separately)
  • Snaps onto DuraProd handle unit
  • Packs the life of hundreds of alkaline batteries
  • Use as a backup or replacement


DuraProd Charger Base & 240V Charger


Replacement charger base stand with 240V charger for use with the DuraProd rechargeable battery pack (sold separately).

  • Charger base stand and 240V charger
  • Also available seperately
  • For use with DuraProd rechargeable battery pack (sold separately)


Six-Pack of High Amp. Alkaline Batteries - Size C


Hot-Shot produce their own high output alkaline batteries suitable for use with all battery operated Hot-Shot Prods. Specifically designed for use in Hot-Shot prods. Don’t settle for second best, for the highest output available utilise only Hot-Shot branded batteries.


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