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DuraProd Warranty and Repair Service



Pacific Biologics will repair or replace any faulty part of your NEW DuraProd power ack for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase.

This warranty does not cover the following items:

  • Casing breakage or any form of physical damage
  • Damage due to, or caused by, tampering with the power pack
  • Postage or freight costs
  • Extension shafts


Repair Service

Pacific Biologics offers a repair service for damaged Duraprod stock prods after the initial 12-month warranty period. A repair charge will apply to DuraProd stock prods that are repaired out of warranty.  All repairs will have a 6-month warranty from date of repair. 

Please Note: Some stock prods may be beyond repair, no charges will be incurred if this is deemed the case. 


Warranty Claim & Repair Service Procedure

Always run through the troubleshooting guide (below) first, if this fails to fix the problem return your DuraProd power pack for service or repair.

For all warranty claims, service and repair work, return your DuraProd to the store where purchased and include:

  • Your name and address, including a contact number
  • Date of purchase and store where purchased
  • DO NOT return batteries (excluding rechargeable prods)
  • DO NOT return extension shafts

Pacific Biologics printable address.pdf

Duraprod Maintenance & Troubleshooting Guide


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